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Welcome to the Indian Community Association of Egypt. This website brings together a small and vibrant Indian Community living across Egypt, and gives regular updates and information on activities and events within the community, and its member.

What is ICAE?

Indian Community Association Egypt (ICAE) brings together Indians living in Egypt, and helps them connect, share and enhance their life. It takes us back to our roots, and celebrate our social and cultural events while away from home. It also provides a unique venue for people to share theirexperiences, talents and expertise in Egypt, for the benefit of newcomers and those who need guidance and help. It is a voluntary association, and what it can do for the community is entirely dependent on all the Indians in Egypt coming together, and actively participating in the association.

At ICAE we have Indian community members from all over Egypt and activities are organized through an ICAE executive board, elected annually. We welcome your suggestions and will be more than happy to share your experiences in Egypt with the rest of the community through this new website. Any Indians who have not yet registered, kindly do so immediately by clicking here to be included in our community directory, and in our future mailing list.

ICAE Egypt Mission

To celebrate and uphold the traditions, values and successes of a new and dynamic India, wherever we are.